The Two Bobs Podcast

The Two Bobs Podcast

TTB151: Squeek of the Week

March 01, 2021

The Two Bobs episode 151 for Monday, March 1, 2021:

* What are The Bobs drinking?

* Rob enjoyed a Panther Cub from Founders.
* Robert slurped down a No Hootin No Hollerin Barrel Aged Stout from Solace.
* Follow us on Untappd at @robertk328 and @PhilRoberts33 or don’t be surprised to find an erotic snowman on your front lawn.

* One episode in a row!
* This week’s CRAZY NEWS is icier than Texas in February.

* Canadians can’t stop erecting (no pun intended) erotic snowmen.
* Florida woman stabbed her sister with an epipen because she’s “allergic to drunks.” We think the sister should have stabbed herself for being “allergic to intelligence.” See what we did there? Not funny? Go fuck yourself.
* This lady called authorities after discovering a snake in her toilet. In a bizarre twist, it was just a log of shit.
* A Bristol man stopped traffic by sitting on a toilet in the middle of the road. At least there was a toilet.
* This future Employee of the Year faked his own kidnapping in order to get out of work.
* Rob snuck this one in mid-recording…A man was charged with breaking into a home to take a bath.
* A man turned himself in after murdering his girlfriend…who just so happens to be an inflatable sex doll.

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