The Two Bobs Podcast

The Two Bobs Podcast

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TTB116: Sex Mannequin
November 18, 2019

New craft beers; Nats and Astros, YoutubeTV, Disney+, Crazy News featuring an unwanted sex worker, a stolen car, mannequins, a bag of cocaine, pigs in a blanket, and a police horse.

TTB115: Dorsal Slit
November 04, 2019

New craft beers; the Nats won the World Series; extra Halloween candy; Crazy news featuring Chinese food, a cat woman, swollen testicles, sexy leaves, Olaf the snowman, and a couple of Big Macs.

TTB114: He’s A Good Boy
October 21, 2019

New craft beers; Rob did some predrinking; Nationals are in the World Series; Candy Corn Pizza; Crazy News featuring neck tattoos, Samuel L Jackson, porn, homework, farm animals, and Area 51.

TTB113: Truck Stop Petting Zoo
October 14, 2019

New craft beers; technical issues; kids homework crack-ups; Crazy News featuring a stolen mail truck, camel testicles, naked intruder, a randy cat, a meth chick, and a Nigerian court case.

TTB112: Mistress Bob K.
September 30, 2019

New craft beers; new Amazon Echo stuff, including Samuel L Jackson; Crazy news featuring an elderly dominatrix, vaseline injection, that’s not guacamole, an amish buggy, and a large clam.

TTB111: Code Brown
September 23, 2019

New craft beers; new iPhones; Crazy news featuring Tetris, a cop car, a Smart Car, a vape pen, a broomstick, and pubic hair.

TTB110: T-Rex of Honor
September 09, 2019

New craft beers; Fake smiling at work; Crazy news featuring Popeye’s chicken sandwich (again), a T-Rex, a Florida burglar, a Subway sandwich thief, a surprise pilot, and lottery revenge.

TTB109: Grandma’s Bucket List
September 02, 2019

New craft beers; Pizzadilla vs Popeyes Chicken Sandwich; Crazy News featuring a drug debt, sex pigs, geriatric gang bang, a criminal, a recluse, and a circus.

TTB108: Cuddle Therapy
August 26, 2019

New craft beers; new light beer from Bell’s; Pumpkin Spice Spam; Crazy news featuring Florida Man, a hand grenade, Trump pills, a professional cuddler, at home castration, Pokémon Go, and a family issue.

TTB107: Sheep Is Dolly
July 29, 2019

New craft beers; Crazy *$%! Alexa does; Crazy news featuring a crappy car issue, Taco Bell DUI, unexpected arrest, birds getting freaky, stolen candy, and a rare eating disorder.