Twelve Chimes It's Midnight

Twelve Chimes It's Midnight

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20 - The Turn of the Thumbscrew (Teaser Preview-Check out full episode!)
January 24, 2019

Good evening dear listeners. For the 2019 holiday

Noir City 17 Promo: Jan 25-Feb 3, 2019
December 18, 2018

Enjoy 10 glorious days and nights of noir-themed …

19 - Christmas Ghost Story
December 11, 2018

Since about the 1830s until today, there has been…

18 - A Perfectly Obvious Explanation
October 23, 2018

For Halloween, we've got with a dark noir play by…

17 - Twelve Chimes Extra: Old-Time Radio, Live!
October 09, 2018

Good evening listeners...a little something extra…

Twelve Chimes Sponsor Promo for Relic Vintage: "The Bloody Tie"
August 21, 2018

Have you ever been in a tight spot, trying to avo…

16 - Twelve Chimes Short: Midnight Meditation
August 05, 2018

If you need to relax, there are few strategies be…

15 - (Live!)The Foley Artist's Folly
June 23, 2018

Good evening listeners and thanks for tuning in t…

14 - La Llorona (The Weeping Ghost)
May 29, 2018

Local legends are sometime just that, old stories…

S2E8 La Llorona (Teaser Preview-Check out full episode!)
May 22, 2018

Good evening. Dear listeners, as you know, someti…