Tune In, Take Notice with Scott Murray

Tune In, Take Notice with Scott Murray

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Robert McKee Talks about the State of Storytelling
April 10, 2019

Author, speaker and renowned story consultant Robert McKee is my guest this week. He's here to discuss the state of storytelling in today's entertainment culture. What are writers getting right and wrong these days? How does the storytelling on cable a

Trisha Hershberger Talks About Video Games, Vlogging and Content Careers
April 03, 2019

Trisha Hershberger is a gaming, tech and lifestyle host, as well as a content producer. She turned a unexpected opportunity into a vibrant career in hosting, producing, vlogging and influencing. In today's show, she talks about the challenges, lessons a

Lee Cockerell Talks About Creating Magic in Business and Life
March 27, 2019

Today's guest is Lee Cockerell, whose vast business career includes 10 years as a Senior Operating Executive for Disney. Imagine being responsible for 40,000 employees, plus theme parks, shopping centers, hotels and entertainment! Today he writes books

Kenny Ridwan Talks About The Goldbergs
March 20, 2019

If you watch The Goldbergs on ABC, then you know the name Dave Kim. On today's episode, you'll get to know the actor who plays him. Join us for a conversation with Kenny Ridwan.

Susan Bennett Talks About Life as Siri
March 13, 2019

Today's guest is the original voice of Siri - Susan Bennett.  She'll talk about the extensive effort it took to voice Siri, as well as the unique way she found out her voice was infused into the iPhone.  You'll hear how she made the decision to go publi

Paul Watson Talks About the Lost Expedition of Sir John Franklin
March 06, 2019

Sir John Franklin led The Terror and The Erebus on a expedition to the Arctic with the hopes of finding The Northwest Passage.  However, the crews found themselves trapped in ice that never thawed, and the thirst for glory turned into desperation for sur

Dan Zehr Talks About The Phantom Menace
February 20, 2019

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out 20 years ago, and Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) is here to look back on the hype, the criticisms, the reactions, the merchandise and the aftermath.  Join us as we discuss what happened back then and how th

Dion Leonard Talks About Finding Gobi
February 06, 2019

While on a 150-mile run through China's Gobi Desert, a stray dog showed up and began running with Dion Leonard.  After a few days, it was clear neither of them wanted to be separated.  However, while Dion waited back home for his new best friend (now na

Bethany Bradsher on Super Bowl History
January 30, 2019

The Super Bowl isn't just a game, it's an event.  Today, it's not only known for a championship game, there's also the halftime shows, the parties, the commercials, the newsmakers (good and bad) and more.  Veteran sports reporter and author Bethany Brad

Maxwell King on the Life and Work of Fred Rogers
January 27, 2019

This week, Scott talks with Maxwell King about his comprehensive and insightful biography of Fred Rogers.  Even with all of his success on Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Fred never wanted to make anything all about him.  That is why there was never an auth