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Truth For You

Truth For You - Ungodly Civil Magistrates #4

February 08, 2022

Welcome to Truth For You, the podcast featuring the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Andrew Smith, pastor of Christ Reformed Community Church in St. Augustine, FL.  Truth For You features conversation and preaching from a distinctly Reformed theological perspective and seeks to glorify God, exalt Christ, and edify saints.

Today’s episode of Truth For You continues with content from the sermon series “Ungodly Civil Magistrates” and concludes this 4-part podcast series on the same topic.  Prior to broadcasting today’s featured sermon excerpt, Andrew and Bud discuss the most pressing danger the church today faces from ungodly magistrates.  Andrew also recommends a number of resources which Christians might utilize to help them think through what faithfulness in our times looks like.

Recommended resources mentioned in today’s broadcast include sermons and writings from Dr. John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church and whose ministry is featured on Grace To You.

Dr. Joseph Boot’s book “The Mission of God” was also recommended.  It may found on Amazon or directly from Dr. Boot’s ministry, the Ezra Institute.

Also recommended were the various blogs and podcasts of Pastor Doug Wilson, the Stone Lectures by Abraham Kuyper, and works by John Murray.

Andrew’s two-part sermon series “Ungodly Civil Magistrates” is his exposition of Mark 6:14-29.

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