Business Questions

Business Questions

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Why a Logo Design Can Cost $1m+
March 19, 2021

Have you every hired a professional agency design to develop your branding? It is not just your logo but everything about your business, from colour palates to uniforms and highly important. In this interview I chat with Gavin Knox-Grant, from Cape Town i

How To Get More Leads For Your Business
March 17, 2021

Would you like to get more leads for your business? Are you fed up with reaching out to prospective clients and not receiving a reply? Then Dave Holloways Wonder Leads may just be the answer for you.   I recently received his book Wonder Leads (

Sustainable Development Goals - New Tech In Clothes Recycling for Ethical Fashion
March 16, 2021

In this interview I chat with Alina Bassi, the founder of Kleiderly, who is based in Berlin. Having completed a chemical engineering degree Alina worked for multi-nationals before developing a Patent Pending process to repurpose clothing items to give the

Beating The Pay Gap - Advice You Need To Know
March 15, 2021

In this interview I chat with entrepreneur Emma Robinson, a partner in Red Diamond about beating a pay gap and employee well being.

Public Relations Explained & Social Media Marketing
March 15, 2021

Stefanie Hopkins is the founder and managing director of Faith Public Relations with over 15 years of PR and marketing experience. Her career has included working on behalf of clients such as Bentley when she was at  McCann Erikson and the recipient

Business Process Management - Project Management
March 15, 2021

In this interview I chat with Sarah Valentine-Bull about business efficiency and increasing productivity. Sarah is the founder of Propolis Process Solutions having formerly had a hugely impressive corporate career in the NHS and Banking sectors.

How To Grow Your Business and Achieve Success
March 15, 2021

In this interview Leor Franks discusses how his marketing process, the Favourability Journey works. Leor has worked in professional services all his working life, heading up marketing and business development teams at major firms. Through this time he has

Human Resource Management and what is HR?
March 15, 2021

Hiring your first members of staff can be a daunting prospect, but then looking after them and complying with the law even harder. In this interview I chat with Nicky Jolley from about HR and outsourcing to a company like hers can prove t

Outsourcing For Efficiency.
March 15, 2021

As your business grows you may consider the immensely popular practice of business process outsourcing. Martin Andersons company, Lemon Business Solutions, handles over 2m calls a year plus emails and chatbots. They integrate with your own softw

How Successful Business People Think
March 04, 2021

Running a successful business is as much of a thought process as it is the actual work. I chat with Glenn O'Grady, the Co-Chairman of about growing to become a multi-million pound business understanding how successful business people think