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True Crime Reporter™

Unveiling Manipulation: Lies Used to Take Advantage of the Innocent

June 06, 2023

Do you know someone who speaks with a forked tongue?

Do text messages warn you that your streaming account has a billing issue or an unpaid customs charge on a package?

Those are just some of the latest scams criminals use to fleece you.

Hello, I’m Robert Riggs with a story from inside the crime scene tape where people bleed money.

Lies designed to cheat you or break your heart thrive on the Internet.

The truth is in short supply.

In this episode of True Crime Reporter®, I want to arm you with some tools to protect yourself from the flood of falsehoods.

Fellow reporter Dr. Seema Yasmin is here to help you find the truth in all the noise.

Dr. Yasmin, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, is the author of “What The Fact.”

In closing, here’s my reporter’s recap and reflections.

Finding the truth can be challenging in a society where trust is eroding. However, there are several strategies that individuals can employ to navigate the sea of misinformation and regain a sense of trust in their interpersonal relationships.

Verify information from multiple reliable sources.

Develop critical thinking skills.

Check for supporting evidence. 

And when trying to get to the bottom of the truth in relationships…start with respectful dialogue.

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