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Fearless In The Face Of Murder Unstoppable Detective Johnny Bonds

May 23, 2023

God forbid if I ever was murdered, I would want Johnny Bonds on the case.   

His name sounds like a film noir detective. Johnny Bonds is the stuff true crime legends are made of. 

In 1972, he became the youngest officer ever assigned to the elite homicide division in Houston, Texas. 

He had a sixth sense of how to approach people or investigations.

He relentlessly hunted down killers and challenged powerful politicians who got in the way of justice. 

Bonds became known as “The Cop Who Wouldn’t Quit” for relentlessly pursuing the contract killers who murdered a Houston couple and their baby for life insurance benefits. 

The brutality of the case and the cold-blooded nature of their killers shocked Houston residents in 1979. 

If Bonds had not bucked politics and fearlessly challenged a faulty murder-suicide ruling by the powerful medical examiner at the time, the killers would have gotten away with murder.

Former Harris County District Attorney Johnny Holmes said of Bonds. "He kept looking for the truth when others gave up."

In this episode of the True Crime Reporter® podcast, I sat down with Holmes to discuss the highlights of his 40-year career in law enforcement.

We go inside the crime scene tape to discuss the motives of murder. 

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