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How DNA Forensic Genetic Genealogy Brought A Monster To Justice

May 09, 2023

This is the third episode in my series about how new DNA technology solves previously unsolvable cold cases.  It’s called FGG -- Forensic Genetic Genealogy.

I’m investigative reporter Robert Riggs taking you inside the crime scene case into how the first use of forensic genetic genealogy in Dallas County, Texas, caught a serial rapist responsible for over 50 victims.

75-year-old David Thomas Hawkins of Fort Worth, Texas, left a trail of victims along his truck route for at least ten years.

The investigation by the office of District Attorney John Creuzot was made possible by a Sexual Assault Kit Initiative federal grant known as SAKI.

You will learn more about SAKI in this episode from cold case prosecutor Leighton D'Antoni who is solving cases once thought to be unsolvable.

D'Antoni is on the cutting edge of using sophisticated DNA technology that stems from research on the human genome project to solve murders and sexual assault cases.

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