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China Kills Hundreds With Deadly Fentanyl - It Ought To Be A Crime

March 21, 2023

Mexican cartels aided by China are poisoning the United States with deadly fentanyl overdoses.

The death toll is the equivalent of a jumbo jet load of passengers crashing every day.

What better way to undermine a country without firing a shot? 

In this episode, I conduct a wide-ranging discussion about the consequences of the war in Iraq on U.S. security. 

This is a timely conversation because March 20th of, 2023, marks the 20th anniversary of the war in Iraq.

David Grantham, an intelligence officer for the Tarrant County Sheriff in Fort Worth, Texas, joins me for an interview. 

Grantham served as an Air Force intelligence officer in Iraq and is the author of Consequences: An Intelligence Officer’s War

We discuss the challenges faced by U.S. law enforcement and the communities they are charged with protecting.

And we offer some practical personal safety advice stemming from the investigation and arrest of a suspect in the murder of four Idaho college students

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