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Women Who Kill: This Bank Robber Viciously Shot Her Victim In The Back

January 24, 2023

Jerry and Dava Truett lived well beyond their means in the small central Texas town of Kosse. They owned a lake house and a speed boat. They drove a pair of expensive pickup trucks and numerous recreational vehicles.

Townfolk thought they were receiving oil and gas money from their farmland or had an inheritance.

The small community of 500 people confronted the cold-blooded truth about the couple's lifestyle when 52-year-old Michael Wells was murdered inside the First State Bank of Kosse.

Williams was the bank's president and a beloved community leader.

He arrived early one morning before the bank opened to meet with a customer.

A 68-year-old business owner wanted to find out why thirty thousand dollars was missing from his account.

Before they could meet, Williams was gunned down. The bank's vault was still locked. No money was missing from it.

But in the aftermath of this tragedy, an FBI audit discovered that $700,000 was missing from elderly customers' accounts.

What happened to all of that money?

In this episode of the True Crime Reporter® Podcast investigative reporter Robert Riggs takes you inside the crime scene tape with a case from former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston.

It will leave you wondering if you can trust anyone.

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