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True Crime Reporter™

Cold War Secrets: A Cyanide Murder Mystery Involving the FBI and CIA

June 06, 2022

Was it a case of cloak and dagger among spies? Or was it a plain old case of murder driven by lust and the desire for money?

It is a mystery that lives on 50-years after a popular Czech professor vanished from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Was he a double agent or triple agent that crossed his masters in a Cold War game of spy vs. spy?

Is he living out his years on a tropical island or do his remains lie at the bottom of an abandoned gold mine?

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eileen Welsome provides long-awaited answers to a baffling case that caused a falling out between the FBI and the CIA.

Investigative reporter Robert Riggs interviews Welsome about a mysterious case of deadly cyanide murders as revealed in her book, Cold War Secrets.

This episode is another example of how the stories on the True Crime Reporter® Podcast are stranger than fiction.

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