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Rev Matt Baker - The Sinister Minister Who Murdered His Wife

May 30, 2022

Matt Baker, the charismatic Baptist minister who almost got away with murdering his wife is among our most popular episodes.

On his way to the pulpit in Waco, Texas, Baker molested young women.

An investigation of the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest Protestant denomination, revealed that sexual assaults by hundreds of pastors like Matt Bakers were covered up by church leaders for twenty years.

A seven-month investigation conducted by Guidepost Solutions released in May of 2022 found that sex abusing pastors were often passed along to other churches with no notice or warnings.

Two top officials of the Southern Baptist Convention kept their own private list of abusive pastors for ten years. And the list of 703 abusers may soon become public.

We expect Matt Baker to be on that list.

Former U.S. prosecutor Bill Johnston, the cohost of the True Crime Reporter® Podcast, unraveled a trail of sex abuse complaints about Matt Baker during his murder investigation.

Johnston and investigative reporter Robert Riggs update their original episode titled, The Minister Who Almost Got Away With Murder, published on October 18th of 2021.

Johnston reveals how his murder investigation discovered that Matt Baker’slong history of sexual abuse allegations had been swept under the rug for years. 

Riggs discusses the mindset of sexual predators based on his experience of reporting from inside the Texas prison system.

Link To Southern Baptist Conference Investigation of Sexual Abuse Allegations

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