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Surrounded by Psychopaths With Author Thomas Erikson

January 03, 2022

After listening to our episodes about serial killer Kenneth McDuff, you have no doubt that McDuff is what FBI profiler Roy Hazelwood described as a textbook psychopath.

But it’s not only criminals that are psychopaths.

CEOs of major corporations, politicians, and entertainers score high on the checklist of psychopathic behavior.

Think about your work colleagues or social circle.  

Is your boss a narcissistic manipulator with no remorse?

Do you know someone who takes pleasure in hurting others and easily lies?

Thomas Erikson reveals how we are surrounded by psychopaths.

They may not physically threaten our lives but can emotionally destroy them. 

In this episode, investigative reporter Robert Riggs talks to Erikson about his book Surrounded by Psychopaths and how we can protect ourselves from them.


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