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True Crime Reporter™

The Devil Lovers - The Satanic Cult of Meth & Murder

December 20, 2021

What is it about Waco, Texas?

A whirlwind of bizarre events and violence seems to dump all sorts of strange creatures into Central Texas.

Whether it is serial killers on the hunt for victims or the Branch Davidian Cult ending in a fiery inferno, it spins out true crime stories that are stranger than fiction.

Investigative reporter Robert Riggs and former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston have been deeply involved in all of them. 

In the previous episode called Murder, Mayhem, and Meth, they talked about violent meth kingpins who controlled the manufacture and distribution of “speed” during the 1980s in Texas.

Now it’s about to get really weird with the story of devil lovers who set up a factory to make methamphetamines.=

In a weekly ritual, the devil lovers would prick their fingers and drip blood on the pages of an open Bible. 

You won't believe what happened next.

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