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True Crime Reporter

“Free To Kill” How A Serial Killer’s Prison Pals Received Get Out Of Jail Free Cards Episode 10 Season 1

November 16, 2020

Texas inmates and their families started receiving business cards and letters from the ex parole board chairman with promises of early release for a price.

The former parole board chairman who played the key role in setting serial killer Kenneth McDuff free set up business as a parole consultant.

He solicited money from inmate's families to get his old cronies on the parole board to release his clients from prison early.

In Episode 10 Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs exposed the secret underworld of parole consultants and the release of Kenneth McDuff’s prison pal. 

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Bill Johnston, the federal prosecutor featured in "Free To Kill" and Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs, the host of True Crime Reporter™ talk about criminal cases from their careers and dissect cases making news.