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“Free To Kill” McDuff Called Her “My Little Gangster” — She Spills The Beans About A $25K Bribe Episode 8 Season 1

November 02, 2020

Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs was investigating how serial killer Kenneth McDuff and dozens of other former death row inmates in Texas got out of prison when Riggs crossed paths with U.S. Marshals.

The Marshal's nationwide manhunt captured McDuff working on a garbage truck in Kansas City.  But the question remained.  Who in their right mind on the Texas parole board would let this diabolical killer walk out of prison.

McDuff's abduction and murder spree started shortly after he returned to Waco, Texas in 1989.

Deputy Marshall Parnell McNamara had compared McDuff to "Jack The Ripper".

After McNamara locked McDuff in a holding cell, the stern lawman looked Riggs in the eye and told the journalist, "We caught him. Our job is done. Now it's your job to find out how this monster got out of prison."

Riggs was already on the trail.

Just a few days after McDuff's capture, the daughter of one of McDuff's rape victims from when he was a high school student in his hometown of Rosebud comes forward.

The biological daughter that McDuff called "My Little Gangster" tells Riggs that she overheard the serial killer's family discussing a $25,000 bribe to grease his way to freedom.

Her allegations take Riggs deep into the corrupt underbelly of Texas parole and prison systems.

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