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Crisis-Proof Your Life: Fieldcraft Survival on Personal Safety & Preparedness

September 19, 2023

There's a crime trend sweeping the United States of flash mob thieves charging into department stores to make off with armfuls of loot. Gangs rush inside affluent suburban neighborhoods in night to break into cars.

This episode of the True Crime Reporter® podcast responds to those of you asking me what they should do amid a growing wave of violence in urban America and overseas.

A U.S. businesswoman recently told me she is afraid to work alone in a big city.

I contacted Kevin Estela, the Director of Training for Fieldcraft Survival.

Its founder, Mike Glover, was a Sergeant Major in the Army Green Berets. He deployed fourteen times to combat zones with Special Forces and the CIA.  

But don’t expect his Director of Training to teach that every threatening scenario requires a gun.

Kevin Estela taught Advanced Placement High School History for 14 years. He is about using your head and being prepared. 

His Phillipino father, who hid from the Japanese army in jungles and caves during World War II, influenced his survival skills.  

Kevin offers advice on responding to a criminal assault, car accident, or natural disaster.

In closing, here’s my Reporter’s recap and reflections.

As Kevin Estela stressed, survival depends on preparedness. 

He recommends carrying a tourniquet, a good flashlight, a BIC lighter, a Ferro Rod, a fire starter that can be used as an emergency signal, and a bandana.

His book is titled 101 Skills You Need To Survive In The Woods. A second book covering advanced skills is on the way.

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