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Cartels Offered a Choice Between Two Evils: Take The Silver or Take the Lead.

August 01, 2023

Ed Calderon says the incomplete wall on the U.S. Southern border with Mexico is like Swiss cheese.

"It won't stop any of the growing threats posed by the Mexican drug cartels," he says.

Ed Calderon spent a dozen years working in counter-narcotics and organized crime investigations in the northern border region of Mexico.

The former state police officer knew he had to leave when the leadership of his drug squad under a new presidential administration told him, “You can take the silver, or you can take the lead.”

Which meant they were on the payroll of a cartel.  That night, Calderon fled Mexico with his three-year-old daughter for the safety of the United States. 

In part two of my three-part series, Calderon gives a unique look inside the crime scene tape where Mexican cartel members and their puppets in police uniforms get away with murder.

Calderon says it’s getting deadlier with a war brewing between an old-line cartel and a new violent upstart.

In my 3rd and final episode with Ed Calderon, we will discuss how the drug cartels transformed his quiet town of Tijuana into one of Mexico’s worst killing zones.

Plus, how the Cartels are inducting child soldiers into their ranks by using occult practices of sacrifice.

And finally, Calderon's journey to America, where he now works as a security consultant. 

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