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Inside The Minds Of America’s 2 Worst Serial Killers: Kenneth McDuff & Ted Bundy Episode 17 Season 1
January 04, 2021

Kenneth Allen McDuff ranks among the most heartless and sadistic serial killers in American history. - But what is it that creates the McDuff’s and Ted Bundy’s of this world? - I received an invaluable understanding from two former FBI profilers who ...

“Free To Kill” These Wounds Don’t Heal. The Living Hurt Forever by Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff Episode 16 Season 1
December 29, 2020

You are about to hear how the murder of Colleen Reed on December 29th of 1991 by serial killer Kenneth McDuff impacted the life of her then ten-year-old niece. - Ms. Reed was abducted from an Austin car wash shortly after Christmas by McDuff and his a...

“Free To Kill” Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff Is Six Feet Under But What Mysteries Remain? Episode 15 Season 1
December 21, 2020

The scandalous release of serial killer Kenneth McDuff and corruption inside the parole system triggered the passage of numerous legislative reforms dubbed “The McDuff Law.” - But mysteries remain. - How many violent inmates bought their way out of ...

“Free To Kill” Dead Man Walking Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff Enters The Texas Death Chamber Episode 14 Season 1
December 14, 2020

Investigative reporter Robert Riggs traces serial killer Kenneth McDuff’s footsteps from Texas’ Death Row to its Death Chamber at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas.  - The day before McDuff's execution the prison system gave Riggs and his camera cr...

“Free To Kill” How A Throbbing Toothache Made Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff Talk Episode 13 Season 1
December 07, 2020

Serial killer Kenneth McDuff held back on revealing where he buried Colleen Reed's body. - McDuff and his accomplice Hank Worley abducted Ms. Reed from an Austin car wash in 1991. - Seven years have passed and the clock is ticking down toward McDuff'...

“Free To Kill” Face-To-Face With Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff On Texas Death Row Episode 12 Season 1
November 30, 2020

Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff matter of factly described the last moments of this victim's lives as "using them up" to his accomplices in murder. - Afterward, he would dispose of the young women's bodies in unmarked burial sites at remote locations.

“Free To Kill” A Serial Killer Is The Only Man In Texas To Receive 3 Death Sentences Episode 11 Season 1
November 23, 2020

Kenneth McDuff’s first death sentence for the broomstick murders was commuted to life when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the death penalty in 1972.  - Now, McDuff faces two more capital murder charges. -

“Free To Kill” How A Serial Killer’s Prison Pals Received Get Out Of Jail Free Cards Episode 10 Season 1
November 16, 2020

Texas inmates and their families started receiving business cards and letters from the ex parole board chairman with promises of early release for a price. - The former parole board chairman who played the key role in setting serial killer Kenneth Mc...

“Free To Kill” Dirty Little Secrets About Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff’s Parole Episode 9 Season 1
November 09, 2020

Kenneth McDuff’s confidential prison and parole records contained plenty of warning signs that he was a psychopathic killer that should never be released. - Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs obtains McDuff’s records. -

“Free To Kill” McDuff Called Her “My Little Gangster” — She Spills The Beans About A $25K Bribe Episode 8 Season 1
November 02, 2020

Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs was investigating how serial killer Kenneth McDuff and dozens of other former death row inmates in Texas got out of prison when Riggs crossed paths with U.S. Marshals. -