Trill MBA Show - The Career Management Podcast for Black Women

Trill MBA Show - The Career Management Podcast for Black Women

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Season 2 Remix: Likeability, The Bane Of Black Women At Work
October 20, 2019

S3:Ep 42 - In this episode, Tiffany and I discuss the hard reality that likeability/relatability at work is what gets you promoted and how being black and woman makes gaining likeability that much harder in white male-dominated corporate America.

Suffering From Burnout? Take off for Hooky Day! w/ Erayna Sargent & Kortney Carr
October 13, 2019

S3:Ep 41 - In this episode, Felicia's good friend and B-School classmate Erayna Sargent Takes Over the Podcast with a passionate message about why you need to take care of yourself and start with taking off for Hooky Day, October 22, 2019!

Setting Yourself Up For Success: Take 2
October 06, 2019

S3:Ep 40 - In this episode, I catch up with one of my favorite mentees.  You may remember her from S2 Episode 9.  A little over a year ago, she has started a new job, relocated across a number of states only to be set up for failure.  Now,

How This MBA Rock Star Connects the Dots of Success
September 29, 2019

S3:Ep 39 - In this episode, I chat with one of my favorite Mentees turned Mentor.  In four short years, she has built an amazingly supported career at her current company.  Today, she shares how she has connected the dots of corporate success,

Interning While Black with My Little Cousin
September 22, 2019

S3:Ep 38 - In this episode, I have the opportunity to sit down with my little cousin (he's 20 now but he will always be my favorite 9-year-old with a bow tie) and talk with him about his summer internship experience with a global investment firm.

Freedom by FIRE with Ericka Grant
September 15, 2019

S3:Ep 37 - In this episode, Ericka Grant shares how she amassed a net worth of $1.4 Million using what she has learned from the FIRE Movement. We want all us to be financially free from the corporate plantation.

Are You Ready For The Next Recession?
September 08, 2019

S3:Ep 36 - In this episode, I discuss what we can do now to prepare ourselves for the next recession that President Agent Orange Twitter Fingers is speeding up 280 Characters at a time. - I share: What steps you need to take to keep your current job...

Never Go To HR, Do This Instead!
September 01, 2019

S3:Ep 34 - In this episode, I lay out the pattern of what happens to us when we go to HR and talk about the steps you should take instead of going to HR when you are in a work situation.

For Colored Girls Who Have Questionable Tone When the Email Is Too Much
August 25, 2019

S3:Ep 34 - In this episode, I talk about one of the greatest challenges and banes of our existence as black women in corporate America…. Tone In Email. 

National Black MBA Conference Prep with Cherice Williams
August 18, 2019

S3:Ep 33 - It’s that time of year again…. Diversity Recruiting Season and we are in the thick of it.  In a little over a month, National Black MBA Association will host its annual Conference and Exposition in Houston, TX.   - Last season,