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Tree of Trust Podcast

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Part One: Swapna Kakani Shares Her Experience and Advocacy with Rare Diseases
September 26, 2019

Motivational speaker and health advocate Swapna Kakani has overcome personal adversity to share hope with others facing rare and chronic diseases. Her inspirational life story is one of triumph, resilience and self-determination in the face of...

Part Two: Comfort Cases Founder Rob Scheer Recounts Overcoming Childhood Abuse Whose Mission has Become Helping Today's Foster Youth
September 16, 2019

In part two of Rob Scheer's special story, the Comfort Cases founder goes in depth with Melissa and Christy about his own experiences in foster care and how that inspired him to bring dignity and hope to all children in the foster care system. Rob and...

Comfort Cases Founder Rob Scheer Recounts Overcoming Childhood Abuse Whose Mission has Become Helping Today's Foster Youth
June 13, 2019

In part one of a special two part story, founder of Comfort Cases, Rob Scheer tells his story of overcoming childhood abuse and struggles with mental illness and moving through the foster care system. Rob and his husband created a forever family...

The World's Smallest Bullet: Dr. Weissman Recounts Groundbreaking Infant Brain Surgery
June 06, 2019

The World’s Smallest Bullet – Retired Neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Weissman recounts the ground-breaking surgery he performed removing a bullet from a newborn’s brain. The baby was shot in utero and delivered by cesarean when Dr. Weissman and his team...

When Mother's Day is Difficult
May 09, 2019

If your Mother's Day isn't always (or ever?!) a picture-perfect Hallmark Holiday - we get it! For single moms, women dealing with infertility, loss of a child, women not called to motherhood and more- the day can be tricky.   This episode,...

Jim Bradley Shares His Experiences on Both Sides of Substace Abuse Recovery
May 02, 2019

Special guest Jim Bradley, a retired alcohol and drug addiction counselor, talks about his past experience with substance abuse (including run ins with and running from the law!), recovery, and helping others.

I Breathe For You - Lyric Morton Shares The Lasting Effects of Her Best Friend's Suicide Attempt
April 18, 2019

Lyric Morton who is an inspirational blogger, poet, and spiritual life coach based in Birmingham Alabama talks about the day her best friend attempted suicide.

Lukas Hawley Shares The Strange Pain of Being a Male Victim of Domestic Violence
April 03, 2019

Today we speak to Nashville Poet and Writer Lukas Hawley who was physically assaulted by his girlfriend. This episode sheds light on a wildly under-reported fact: men are also victims of domestic violence.

Kat Marsh Walks With Her Grandmother Through Dementia
March 23, 2019

Nashville-based poet and writer Kat Marsh, recalls walking with her Grandmother who suffered with dementia - a bittersweet journey shared with love. @lrdrkat

So Your Friend Has Had a Tragedy...Now What?
March 14, 2019

When a friend has a tragic loss, often words fail. In this episode your hosts Christy and Melissa, who have both lost loved ones suddenly, offer practical tips - things to say, do (and not to say) that can help you walk alongside those who are...