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Quarter Miles Travel With Annita

Episode 26 – Two Bits – Ohio State Quarter

February 20, 2022
Ohio State Quarter
Photo – U.S. Mint

Ohio State Quarter, released in 2002 features an antique model airplane and astronauts highlighting the state is a celebration of aviation and space travel. This podcast shares the stories of Ohio’s native sons and their exploration of aviation and space travel.

On this episode we have two bits of trivia about the Ohio quarter which was first produced and issued in 2002 on March 11. It was the second quarter released in 2002 and released in the order Ohio was admitted into the Union; which was in 1803. 

Take a look – Replacing the eagle on the reverse side of the quarter is a design of an early model airplane with the inscription – Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers, highlighting the state’s contribution to the history of aviation.  Also featured is an astronaut superimposed as a group outlining the state.  

During our discussion of Ohio’s state quarter, we shared several options for learning more about Ohio’s native sons and places to travel, explore and have an adventure. 

Adventure can be found on the reverse of a quarter. A diagram can take you to places you may not have thought of visiting and Quarter Miles is ready to take you there.

After listening to the podcast you’ll be ready to plan a visit to the Ohio sites mentioned in the podcast. Visit the website – Ohio.org 

To learn more about the U.S. Mint Commemorative and state quarters visit the website – USMint.gov

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And, while you’re waiting for the next episode, reach in your pocket and pull out and quarter,  flip it over and quarter miles travel will take it from there.  We’ll turn that quarter into an adventure.  

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