Travelling Through Conversation

Travelling Through Conversation

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Travelling Through Art
September 24, 2020

Travel. Before you start, you might plan day one. Then see what happens. I did something similar with the podcast. Twenty recordings later, we have a logo, as you can see above. The artist is Ludi, who you will hear on this episode and also the France one

August 21, 2020

The Argentinian man on this episode went out one Sunday and ended up across Europe. He's still doing it. How?

July 01, 2020

The second time I got robbed, I was happy. Why? I put into practice what went wrong the first time. It turns out each moment is because of chicken. If it continues, I'll start to consider becoming vegan. Jokes aside, June, what happens when you get mugged

May 16, 2020

Italy. Before you guess, yes, youre right. This episode took me longer than a day to build. Rome. A capital hotspot for people like me or you, and probably the person who lives next door. But what ha

December 06, 2019

I once had a girlfriend who left me for India. I didn’t follow. Instead, a few years later, I take on a different journey. Aishwarya, who spends most of her time Out Of Office, joins me. We discuss the unpredictability of travel. As I no longer speak with

May 18, 2019

The closest I’ve ever been to Belgium is when I nearly ended up in Antwerp when I was having a dissertation breakdown. Thankfully, I passed my degree, but unfortunately, I didn’t make the trip. Four years on, I can’t remember the name of my thesis, but I

May 10, 2019

Six foot six. The height of someone you usually find in front of you at a festival, however, they’re on the podcast instead. Peter comes with a contagious laugh and a story to tell. So, tuck yourself in, because he’s the first Dutch bloke to bring a tear

May 03, 2019

I’m on holiday in Torquay. As family trips go, I’ve ended up doing a bit of Acro-Yoga around the corner from the hotel with a Sex Coach from Poland. As it’s a travel podcast, is sex like travel?

April 19, 2019

When I tick off Turkish experience’s I can confidently say I’ve had a kebab, I’ve had a Turkish fade (haircut) and maybe I can add a cheeky turkey sandwich to the list, why not, but for someone who now lives in the U.K who is from Turkey, what connects th

April 12, 2019

This time last year I had problems with Liam Gallagher just as I was about to board a flight to the United States for three months. Now today on Songkran (Thai New Year), I find myself running around a University campus with a Poet from Thailand looking f