Video Store Vagrants

Video Store Vagrants

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Heathers (1988)
April 30, 2021

The Vagrants are diving headfirst into violent teen angst for Joey's pick, 1988's Heathers, starring Christian Slater's magnificent hair. The estate of JD Salinger hit us with a cease and desist on plot comparisons so use your imagination.

Fight Club (1999)
March 12, 2021

The Vagrants are talking Gen X violent male angst and the pioneers of the modern incel movement coupled with the turbulence associated with coming of age and struggling with your sexuality during Brad Pitt's prime with 1999's Fight Club. I am Jack's...

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
January 30, 2021

Its a Christmas Halloween crossover this week several months behind as the guys talk Stanley Kubricks sexually-charged thriller Eyes Wide Shut. The prostitute had a shitty little Charlie Brown Chr

The Wicker Man (1973)
December 23, 2020

Joey lays out the pagan symbolism of 1973s The Wicker Man starring Christopher Lee while Adam and Michael sort tapes and have a separate conversation about 2006s Wicker Man starring Nicholas Cage.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)
October 31, 2020

Couple of belles late to the ball, the vagrants kick off Boosfest just before the crack of midnight Halloween. Getting gothic gay romance spooky with 1994s obviously Michael pick, Interview with the

Lake Placid (1999)
October 02, 2020

Its got a budding romantic relationship between Mad Eye Moody and Porthos the Pirate, Betty Whites ca-ca mouth, and a big fuckin crocodile. If those arent selling points for you then you can proba

The 'Burbs (1989)
August 28, 2020

Michael and Adam discover that Joeys been secretly utilizing them in a pirate radio broadcast hes been running out of the back of the video store. This weeks broadcast tackles Joe Dantes The 'Burb

Soylent Green
July 26, 2020

The Vagrants are gradually adjusting to a return to semi-normalcy, though normal typically entails not actually doing their jobs. Soylent Green is their remedial film subject. Did you hear its people

Return of the Living Vagrants
July 13, 2020

After a four month shutdown, the video store is open for business and the vagrants are out of quarantine and back on the showroom floor. Remembering how to do their jobs presents a challenge, but it's easy to maintain social distancing without any...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
March 07, 2020

The guys gets their acceptance letters to Hogwarts so they can tackle Adam’s pick, 2004’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You ever dance with a Dementor in the pale moon light?