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The Healthy Advisor: Living Life Urgently with Kristine McManus

May 15, 2024

At the end of 2022, Kristine McManus got an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis. Yet doctors thought it was the least aggressive form and easily treatable. 

Shortly after her surgery, she received multiple messages from the hospital; it turns out she had the most aggressive form of breast cancer, triple-negative. Her outlook on life changed as she was forced to miss one of the most important years in her children’s lives due to treatments. From that moment on, she focused on the value of living life urgently and cherishing meaningful moments.

In this episode of the Healthy Advisor Podcast, Managing Editor Diana Britton speaks with Kristine McManus, chief advisor growth officer at Commonwealth Financial Network, about her journey battling breast cancer and the profound lessons learned about living life to the fullest and not “saving for best.” 

Kristine discusses: 

  • Her initial breast cancer diagnosis and the unexpected turn of events
  • The challenges and treatments she faced during her battle with breast cancer
  • The importance of not saving the best for later and embracing the present
  • Lessons learned about gratitude, cherishing moments, and living a more urgent life


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About Our Guest:

Kristine McManus consults with financial services companies and advisors to enhance revenue growth and establish robust practices. Central to her approach is highlighting the unique qualities of the advisor, utilizing branding, communications, client events and marketing strategies to foster business development.

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