Training for Godliness

Training for Godliness

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Faith Journey Part 3
May 31, 2022

Join Chaplain Gray for the 52nd and FINAL episode of "Training for Godliness", the Podcast Program of Spiritual Fitness Ministries of Greenwood, SC. Chaplain Gray concludes the "Faith Journey" series

Journey in the Holy Land
March 22, 2022

This episode features my friend and brother in Christ Anthony McMinn who talks about an actual journey in the Holy Land and its impact on his own spiritual journey. Join me for this episode in the "Fa

A New Journey
March 08, 2022

Chaplain Gray chats with a young man named CJ, who has started a new journey with Christ! This is the second episode in the series "Faith Journey". Many thanks to Twice the Ice for supporting our podc

A Faith Journey -Series Introduction
March 01, 2022

We are excited to be back in 2022! A new series begins and focuses on the spiritual journey we take with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This series is sponsored by Twice the Ice of Greenwood SC. Th

Next Level Strong
December 30, 2021

Chaplain Gray visited Next Level Lifestyles to chat with founder and trainer Hoot and assistant Tyra. Great conversation about fitness, setting goals and working to accomplish them.

Christian Athletes Leave Impression
November 30, 2021

Christian athletes are out there and they do make an impression. Join Chaplain Gray and Mike Davis for a discussion of who some of those athletes are!

Spiritual Fasting
November 02, 2021

Join guest Pastor Mike Roberts and Chaplain Gray for a discussion about spiritual fasting. Hear about some basic details and some things you'll need to know if you are considering doing a fast.

Coming Up: Spiritual Fasting
October 20, 2021

On our next episode, we will move beyond the Basic T4G Spiritual Fitness Workout to the first of the Advanced T4G elements -spiritual fasting. Join Chaplain Gray for a quick preview and an invitation

Walk the Walk - 2021 with Coach Pederson and Coach ‘Shoe‘
September 21, 2021

Chaplain Gray continues a discussion about student-athletes and spiritual disciplines. His guest for this episode, Coach Pederson and Coach 'Shoe' (Lander University Women's Basketball), add a great d

Walk the Walk - 2021 with Guest Steve Coleman
September 07, 2021

Steve and Chaplain Gray will discuss some of the challenges that a Christian student-athlete might face on a college campus. Steve understands these challenges. You will enjoy this!! You are invited t