Train Fight Recover Podcast

Train Fight Recover Podcast

TFR Episode 015 Dr. Robin Orr

August 17, 2017

Today we speak with Dr. Orr about the tactical fitness field and his research on load carriage. Dr. Orr is one of the leading experts in fitness for tactical populations with experience training numerous populations. Check out the work his team is doing by going to Bond University.

Dr. Robin Orr is an Australian Army veteran who served over 23 years in the Australian Regular Army as an Infantry soldier, Physical Training Instructor, Physiotherapist and human performance officer in postings ranging from tri-service training institutions to operational units and special operations command. Although still in the Australian Army Reserve, Rob is now working at Bond University in Australia as an Associate Professor of Physiotherapy and as the Co-Lead of the Tactical Research Unit. With a doctorate in Tactical Load Carriage and over 50 peer reviewed tactical research publications, Rob’s research spreads the tactical spectrum from military to law enforcement to fire and rescue on topics ranging from strength and conditioning to specialist selection and rehabilitation.

Dr. Rob Orr
2:49 - What is your primary focus or research in the field of tactical fitness?
- Swing back towards strength training and rehabilitation.
- A lot of focus on selection training and push for fitness and wellness.
- One of the problems facing law enforcement is that officers tend to lose their fitness levels after the academy.

6:55 - Dr. Orr explains the issues with load carriage and the problem with conditioning for load carriage.

10:20 - What the research says on how to train frequency, volume, and intensity in your load carriage program.

15:44 - Dr. Orr talks about total body strength and conditioning for rucking.

16:56 - Dr. Orr explains the importance of focusing on the why when training for load carriage.

21: 53 - When implementing a strength and conditioning program for load carriage, it is important to understand your gear and how that can affect your training and performance.

27:20 - Dr. Orr's opinion on where the field of strength and conditioning for the tactical professional is going in the next five to ten years with concerns about data collections, technology, and focusing on the human system.

33:43 - Research on police officers and the metabolic costs while sitting and driving to calls.

35:00 - Dr. Orr's advice to new strength and conditioning coaches entering the field.

44:18 - We ask Dr. Orr what advice he wishes he never listened to concerning strength and conditioning.

47:44 - Dr. Orr explains one thing that he struggles with day to day.

51:13 - Dr. Orr explains what he would be doing if he wasn't in this field of work.

54:57 - What would Dr. Orr do if the zombie Apocolypse was here?

People and other highlights mentioned in the episode:
Dr. Jay Dawes -
Check out a CEU approved course on Speed Training at Elite Sports University.

Dr. Robert Lockie

Dr. William J. Kraemer
Lieutenant Colonel Stephan J Rudzki

International Congress on Soldier's Physical Performance: Dr. Orr mentions this conference in the podcast.

Article on reducing injuries related to load carriage.

Article on injuries and recovery for tactical populations.

You can find Dr. Rob Orr and more information on his work and research by going to Bond University and checking out his LinkedIn page.