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Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Traditional Outdoors

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T.O. Episode 105 – An evening with Sean Clarkson
October 13, 2020

In Episode #105, Nick and I sit down with our mutual friend Sean Clarkson. This is somewhat of a continuance of our conversation about hunting ethics from a couple weeks back but we also use [...]

T.O. Episode 104 – Remembering John Schulz
October 05, 2020

In Episode #104, Nick and I shared some of our thoughts and memories surrounding the late John Schulz. John passed away a few weeks back and honestly his death would probably have gone un-noticed had [...]

T.O. Episode 103 – Cookstove chat with Cowboy Chef Kent Rollins
September 20, 2020

In Episode #103, Nick and I are joined by none other than Kent Rollins. Now if you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, Kent Rollins, better known as [...]

T.O. Episode 102 – What would Aldo say?
September 13, 2020

In Episode #102, Nick and I sit down and have a chat about ethics in the outdoors. This was prompted by a discussion we ran across on Facebook recently and we both felt strongly enough [...]

T.O. Episode 101 – A Little Thing Called #skitar – with David Darling
August 30, 2020

In Episode #101, I sit down with David Darling of Kalamazoo Bow Works to catch up with him and to hear more about the event nicknamed “Skitar” that took place a few weeks ago. It [...]

T.O. Episode 100 – Recapping our first 99 Episodes with special guest “The Podfather”
August 16, 2020

In Episode #100, The gang is all here! Myself, Nick and Thom all come together to discuss our first 99 episodes of the podcast. Our favorite guests, moments and memories from the show and who [...]

T.O. Episode 99 – OTG Challenge the Finale
August 02, 2020

In Episode #99, Nick and I wrap up our On The Ground Challenge series. This week we discuss what you can do now to prepare OTG locations for this fall. We also cover equipment we [...]

T.O. Episode 98 – Virtual Fireside Chat with Roger Raglin
July 26, 2020

In Episode #98, I sit down for a great conversation with Mr. Whitetail himself….Roger Raglin. Roger was a pioneer in the hunting video industry and subsequently I learned a lot about hunting whitetails watching Roger’s [...]

T.O. Episode 97 – Building split bamboo fly rods with Derek Sheehan
July 05, 2020

In Episode #97, Nick and I have a great conversation with our mutual good friend Derek Sheehan. Derek has recently started building absolutely gorgeous split bamboo fly rods. We wanted to have him on to [...]

T.O. Episode 96 – OTG Challenge Part 2
June 24, 2020

In Episode #96, Nick and I continue our conversation about hunting on the ground….or “OTG” for short. This week we are discussing behavior, terrain, wind and thermals and how these factor into the selection of [...]