Trademark Belfast

Trademark Belfast

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107. Economic Myths Debunked
November 13, 2023

A chat with Stewart McGill about his latest publication, 10 economic myths debunked with regulars Sen Byers and Stiofn Nuallin

107. Economic Myths Debunked
November 10, 2023

A chat with our regular contributor Stewart McGill about his new publication on de-mystifying economic myths and general bullshit around orthodox economics...with Seán Byers and Stiofán Ó Nualláin

106. The State of Capitalism - Costas Lapavitsas
October 28, 2023

Costas Lapvitsas, Marxist, economist and politician talking at Scoil Chois Cla 2023 on the island of Inis Orr Co. Galway and giving a superb analysis on the transformation of global capitalism and the threat of imperialism, whose depredations we are bei

105. Militarisation and the drive to war
October 06, 2023

Clare Daly giving a rip roaring opening talk at the festival 'Scoil Chois Cla 2023' on Inis Orr, Co. Gaillimhe. Bainig sult as!

104. Scoil Chois Claí 2023
September 21, 2023

Stiofn Nuallin talks to Dr Sen Byers and Dr Mdb MCDaid about their first reflections on the Leftbloc Festival 'Scoil Chois Cla' on the island of Inis Orr, Co Gaillimhe.

103. An Anthology of Irish Marxist Writers
September 15, 2023

Talking with Dr Conor McCabe about his work in identifying, collecting and eventually publishing An Anthology of Irish Marxist Writers.

102. Houses, homes and profits
September 04, 2023

A chat between Stewart McGill and Stiofn Nuallin about the history of housing under capitalism

101. The 'Actual' Collected Works of James Connolly
August 11, 2023

A chat with researcher and activist Conor McCabe on his deep dive into the actually existing and lost works of James Connolly, Irish revolutionary and Marxist.

100. Inflation as Class War
July 28, 2023

Dr Sen Byers, Stewart Mac Giolla and Stiofn Nuallin talk about the class dimension of inflation. (Supported by the Lipman-Miliband Trust.)

99. Boycotts, Bans and Action
July 14, 2023

Dr Mdb McDaid of Trademark talks to Adie Mormach and Trade Unionist @Zeynmo about the British Governments boycott bill, campaigning and action.