Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs

Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs

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Episode 46: Worry Bout Yoself!
August 28, 2020

Pretty self-explanatory. A re-hash of self-care and an added perspective. Gone till December at least so be well and take care of yourselves while I’m away.

Episode 45: WAP and the Fun Police
August 14, 2020

I’ll keep it short and sweet. This week, I discuss the awesomeness that is WAP (aka Wet Ass Pussy) and the stealers of joy called the Fun Police who had all their think pieces about it. ENJOY! DROWN IN IT!!!!!!

Episode 44: Don't Come In Here With That Bullshit!
August 07, 2020

In different ways and instances, people will come to you or to a group of people (friends, family, lovers) with some pure tomfoolery. Some foolishness they know they shouldn't be walking in with. In this week's episode, we talk about some of those differe

Episode 43: Settling and Worthiness
July 24, 2020

Should everyone have a fair opportunity at romantic happiness? Is there a such thing as being worthy of love? Is it too damn hot outside? Should your raggedy ass be wearing a mask if outside? These questions and more all answered, next time on Tossed Sala

Episode 42: Randomness and Phone Sex
July 17, 2020

Yeah I wasn't really sure what I wanted to discuss this week so the first half is a mix of different things that were on my mind at the moment and the second half is about the joys of phone sex. Enjoy!

Episode 41: So You've Decided To Invoke The Opt Out Option to Clappin' Cheeks: What Now?
July 10, 2020

As much as people as a whole discuss sex and sexuality, we don't often discuss when people decide they do not want to have sex. If we do, it's usually more so in a shaming way. The truth is sometimes for one reason or another, sex just may not be of inter

Episode 40: Dating & Sex Vocabulary and the Art of Thirst Trapping
July 03, 2020

With all the new ways we have to communicate in this day and age that our parents and grandparents may not have access to, it's surprising how people more often use it to avoid direct communication altogether. This week we discuss the newly coined terms p

Episode 39: Gender Roles Stuff, Boosie and It's All Good
June 26, 2020

This week, we over some more gender roles material, some new and some possibly a rehash, how Boosie is a raggedy (which is nothing new) and how it's OK to live and let live. Everything is not for everybody and it doesn't have to be. Hope yall are being sa

Episode 38: The Big Horny & Life Lessons From A Raggedy Ass Job
May 29, 2020

Rona has folks (predominantly heterosexual men) acting UP so we go over some basic engagement rules for connecting with the opposite sex. Also, I have a new job after years at the same company and ironically enough, many of the positive life lessons I gai

Episode 37: Is Love Blind?
March 27, 2020

So in all the craziness going on in the world, I somehow ended up watching Love is Blind, the Netflix series, and BOY do I have an opinion about this living train wreck. Listen as I sound off about these wild ass folk and just everything I felt was off ab