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Ep. #27: Triple Threat: The Exponential Power of an Effective Financial Advisor Website, Podcast, and Target Market with Jeremy Keil, CFP®, CFA, CIMA®
September 14, 2022

Is your marketing strategy a Triple Threat? There are three important marketing strategies that every top advisor should consider using in their effort to attract more Right-Fit Clients: A well-define

Ep. #26: How to Target Millennials as Financial Advisory Clients with Ivory Johnson, CFP®, ChFC
August 03, 2022

According to Forbes, “Millennials will hold five times as much wealth as they have today, and the group is anticipated to inherit over $68 trillion from their Baby Boomer parents by the year 2030. Thi

Ep. #25: How Your Personal Brand Story Helps Attract New Clients with Deirdre Van Nest
July 20, 2022

Do you have a Personal Brand Story Do you know your “why” – as in, why you believe in the importance and value of your work? And are you using it to connect with your prospects and clients in a meanin

Ep. #24: How to Guide Your Clients as a Sudden Wealth Financial Advisor Featuring Myah Moore Irick
June 22, 2022

Sudden Wealth can strike in many ways. It can come through an inheritance, an athlete signing a lucrative contract, a legal settlement, the sale of a company, or even winning the lottery. Sudden wealt

Ep. #23: Defining a Target Market Strategy That Brings More Perceived & Real Value with Don Hilario
June 08, 2022

Many top financial advisors use a target market strategy that enhances just about every other aspect of their client-acquisition efforts. They are able to build a reputation that begins to draw people

Ep. #22: The 3 Roles Any Entrepreneur Financial Advisor Must Play
May 25, 2022

In business, when you hear someone talk about the CEO’s role in a company, your first thought is that they’re the leader and top decision-maker for the company.  What if we told you that there are two

Ep. #21: Succession Planning for Financial Advisors with Karen Jessey & Neill Turner
May 11, 2022

Many business partnerships begin with two people coming together with like-minded business ideas.  In the beginning things are great, both parties get along well and the creative juices flow. Eventual

Ep. #20: Cultivating a Company Culture that Drives Long-Term Success with Scott Leibfried, ChFC®, APMA®
April 27, 2022

How much of a difference does your company culture really make for your clients and your employees? In this episode, Bill invites Scott Leibfried to talk about the “Premium Client Experience” and how

Ep. #19: What’s the Skinny on Becoming a Financial Advisor for Athletes? with Walter Stith
April 13, 2022

When most people think of financial advisors who work with professional athletes, they probably imagine a glamorous lifestyle of spending time with their favorite players, getting a behind-the-scenes

Ep. #18 – How to Produce Results at Levels Most Advisors Dream of With Robert Petrocelli
March 30, 2022

If you ever doubted that hard work, along with a competitive mindset doesn’t pay off, you will want to listen to this episode. In this episode, Referral Coach Bill Cates talks with Bob Petrocelli, fou