Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Special Episode: Going on The Offensive — With Coach Joe Lukacs

April 01, 2020

Being proactive and taking action, especially during difficult times, can be just what you need to help your business grow. How can you make the determination to play offence and be part of the 20 percent of people finding business development opportunities right now?

In this episode, Kirk continues his conversation with Coach Joe Lukacs. With over 26 years of experience coaching financial advisors, Coach Joe shares his knowledge on the strategies you can use to truly influence others and achieve success in your practice during trying times.

In this episode, you will learn:

How to influence your network by offering certainty 
Why you should focus on selling a conversation
How to create messages that spark more conversations on LinkedIn 
And more!

Tune in now and make the decision to play offense by being a leader when people need one the most!

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | Coach Joe LI | Magellan Mastermind & Network | Special Episode With Joe Lukacs 

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