Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Episode 218: How to Stay on the Forefront of Marketing in the 401(K) Space — With Aaron Pottichen

February 18, 2020

What strategies are you using to stand out from other financial professionals? Learn new strategies from a professional who’s making waves in a particularly competitive space.

In this episode, Matt speaks with Aaron Pottichen, senior vice president at Alliant Retirement Consulting, about how Aaron stays on the cutting edge of marketing in the very competitive 401(k) space. Aaron delves into what strategies he uses to set himself apart, including how he creates videos that are easy to shoot, compliance-friendly, and optimal for sharing on his LinkedIn profile.  

In this episode, you will learn:

Why Aaron enjoys working in the 401(k) space
Aaron’s strategy for giving prospects immense value — and why this matters
Why Aaron prospects in a way that’s backwards to what the rest of the industry does
What 401(k) offerings resonate the most with his target market
What guidelines Aaron uses for creating LinkedIn videos
And more!

Tune in now and learn new strategies for climbing to the forefront of your space — and staying there.

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | Alliant Retirement Consulting | Aaron Pottichen's LinkedIn

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