Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

An Advisor’s Blueprint for Overcoming Content Creation Challenges With Stoy Hall (Ep. 439)

October 31, 2023

You know that you need to create valuable and compelling content. You know that you need to share it and get it out there. You know you need to speak directly to your ideal client, and solve their problems.

But knowing and doing are two completely separate things. We hear this from advisors all the time: I don’t get how someone can create that much content from both a compliance and time management standpoint. 

So, we went looking for someone that has it all figured it out. And we found him! 

In this episode, ProudMouth co-founder Matt Halloran is joined by Stoy Hall – founder and CEO of Black Mammoth – to break down his epic content creation system. Stoy is a prolific podcaster and content creator enjoying massive success on virtually every platform. So, how does he do it?

Matt & Stoy discuss: 

  • How to generate a never-ending and virtually self-feeding stream of relevant topics
  • Why micro-focuses and series allow you to go deep on subjects that matter
  • The tools and workflow used by Stoy and his team to produce, break down, and promote each podcast episode
  • How to crack the compliance code in two simple steps
  • The three things Stoy wishes he knew when starting out
  • Why you shouldn’t look at other advisors and planners as competition, aka multiplying impact via selflessness
  • How to quantify success with your content
  • And more!

Wealth does not equal money. Wealth equals happiness, okay? Happiness equals wealth.” -Stoy Hall


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About Stoy Hall:

Stoy hails from Omaha, Nebraska, but his true calling emerged in Des Moines, Iowa, where he earned a BSBA in finance with a minor in business law and insurance from Drake University. He’s on a mission to eliminate financial illiteracy and make financial knowledge accessible to all.

As a father to two energetic boys and a dedicated husband, Stoy’s personal experiences have shaped his commitment to family and teamwork. He cares deeply about humanity, believes in uplifting others, and is the owner of multiple businesses dedicated to building wealth and happiness. Stoy, a former collegiate athlete who faced a career-ending injury, understands the importance of bonds formed during challenging times. As an independent thinker, he focuses on the greater good, embraces his imperfections as opportunities for growth, and is here to help others find their path to prosperity and happiness. If you’d like to learn more about him, he’s an open book, ready to assist you on your journey to a better, more fulfilling life.