The Tom Laipply Podcast

The Tom Laipply Podcast

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Military Wokatopia??
March 16, 2021

Biden & the Dems ruin everything!

The Blind Leaders of the Blind
March 12, 2021

Both will fall into a ditch. Matthew 15:14

Open Borders - Closed America
March 07, 2021

The Biden plan means walls & guns around him & an open border for you.

If It's Right, Biden Will do The Opposite
March 05, 2021

Biden and the democrats call good evil and evil good.

S02 - E13: The Left is Scared of the Truth
March 04, 2021

The left refuses to speak truth because it will expose them.

Left = Lunatic
February 26, 2021

The lunacy of the left surprises no one who has been paying attention.

The Good, The Bad, & The Stupid
February 05, 2021

There are some really good things happening...(be informed)!

They Couldn't Get Any Dumber, But Sadly, They Will Try!
January 31, 2021

43 Executive orders later, here we are.

"You Will Know Them By Their Fruit" Matt 7:16
January 29, 2021

The tyrants & hypocrites can't help but show themselves!

They Are Not Only Dumb...They Are Evil Too
January 24, 2021

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. - Isaiah 5:20