Tokyo Inklings

Tokyo Inklings

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Champagne Pink Portable Printer
December 04, 2022

CY and Jacob discuss Maruzen's 2023 spring event lineup, Pilot's new 30th-anniversary Custom 74, flea markets, kimono fabric, and sticker printers.Show notes with links and feedback form.Jingle by

Drunk Nagahara Fixed My Nib
November 13, 2022

Jacob, CY, and guests April from Penguins Creative and Alesa recap TIPS 2022 and discuss planners, new pen releases, engraved gold nibs, and shrinking profit margins.Show notes with links and feedb

Late From the Tokyo International Pen Show 2022
November 08, 2022

Jacob and CY come together to give you the live update from the Tokyo International Pen Show! Wait... but it's almost two weeks late?!You can blame CY for that. He failed to upload the audio on time,

Wet and Creamy
October 16, 2022

CY, Jacob, and returning guests Alesa and Khu discuss nib grind names, paper testing, shady business practices, Montblanc's Naruto pen, price increases, and TIPS expectations.Show notes with links

(Cosmo Air) Light at the end of the tunnel
October 02, 2022

CY and Jacob talk about bankruptcies, biomass, nib-shaped factory buildings, and new releases from Sailor, PenBBS, and Majohn.Show notes with links and feedback form.Jingle by (CC

Are They Padawan If They Are Sith?
September 18, 2022

CY and Jacob talk about Shishikura pens, Toyooka trays, Hobonichi paper testing results, nib padawans, and anime inks.Show notes with links and feedback form.Jingle by (CC Attribut

Sweet Pink Purple Whatever
September 04, 2022

CY and Jacob talk about Bungujoshi's annual ink show in Tokyo, paper theories, new pen releases, lemons, factory calligraphy nibs, and the business of nib grinding.Show notes with links and feedbac

Counterfeit Urushi
August 21, 2022

CY and Jacob talk about CY's pen adventures in the US, pocket pens, Sailor's new dip pen, upcoming retail events in Tokyo, maki-e stickers, and Japan's commercial transactions law.Show notes with l

August 07, 2022

CY and Jacob talk about differences between pen shows in US and Japan, Shishikura and Wagner pen news, how Sanzen intentionally tweaked Tomoegawa's paper formula, Icelandic volcanoes, and more.Show

10 Things Scalpers Don’t Want You to Know
July 24, 2022

CY, Jacob, and guest Alesa talk about Itoyas ink show, prison-made glass pens, unpopular opinions, and how to buy pens from Japan.Show notes with links and feedback form.Jingle by