Radio Toilet ov Hell

Radio Toilet ov Hell

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.58] Riff Rasslin’

March 18, 2022

The rope-a-dope rabble-rousers return! A Spooky Mansion is back, and she’s got Hans and Eenzy in a headlock until they both cry uncle.

Spooky’s back! And instead of robbing a smart shop while stoned, she’s got us ratcheted up to 11 with some good ol’ fashioned rasslin’. This is a topic I admittedly know admittedly next-to-nothing about, so you can be sure Spooky carries (or just outright steals) the show again from your two hackneyed hosts. Hans puts up a good fight; Eenzy was down for the count before a bell even rang (is that a thing in wrestling?).  This week they’re picking wrestling walk-out music and coming up with a person for each song they picked. That’s 6 wrestlers and 6 barnburners headed straight your way, motherflushers!

At Spooky’s special request, we also wanted to shout out Scott Hall, the Vice City of wrestlers, who just passed away.  May you slick your hair back with soda in the great beyond.

New Music Features This Week

Spooky’s Picks
Diamond Chazer – Zero To Hero
Ekulu – Unscrew My Head

Hans’s Picks
Alabama Thunderpussy – The Cleansing
Limp Bizkit – Head for the Barricade

Eeenzy’s Picks
Modern Life is War – Martin Atchet
Orchid – Weekend at the Fire Academy

Intro Track
Horsebastard – Fear of Circles