Radio Toilet ov Hell

Radio Toilet ov Hell

Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.43] Brutal Toadcore

November 18, 2019

We play new music from Skullcrush, Hellish, Mourned, Octexosis, and Total Isolation, along with pitch-shifting toad vocals, zero Parasite spoilers, ill-informed South American political takes, heaps of bogan shit, going Kali-Ma on a chicken, and wildly slander speculate on both DJ Khalid + Fatman Scoop.

Last episode we asked if you had shit Any Blacker? We don't remember your answer.

New Music Featured This Week:
Skullcrush - 'Monumental Tomb' from Archaic Towers Of Annihilation (out 13/12/19)
Hellish - 'Black Tower' from Poison (out 29/11/19)
Total Isolation - 'Covered In Bone' from Winfield Demo (out now)
Mourned - 'Blue Ruin' from Devoured Humanity (out now)
Octexosis - 'Hypercrystal' (out now)