Radio Toilet ov Hell

Radio Toilet ov Hell

Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.41] Ernest Goes To Åsgardsreï Fest

October 25, 2019

We talk new music from Sun Worship, Abyssal Vacuum, Child Abuse, and Ancient Emblem, along with Keanu Reeves drinking orphan blood, Marvel "cinema," yelling @ communist Tom Morello, the perfect album length, which NYC mayor is hiding children, Rupert Murdoch death incantations, and some unhinged rants.

Last week we waffle stomped our way through some killer death/doom/noise and talked about why Spotify hates Blood Incantation.

New Music Featured This Week:
Ancient Emblem - 'Farewell' from Funeral Pyre (out now)
Sun Worship - 'Devoured' from Emanations Of Desolation (out now)
Abyssal Vacuum - 'VIII' from MMXIX (out 1/12)
Child Abuse - '' from Imaginary Enemy (out now)