Radio Toilet ov Hell

Radio Toilet ov Hell

Toilet Radio 478 – The Icke Shuffle Pt 2

January 31, 2024

This week on Toilet Radio: We’re wrapping up loose threads on our quest to get to the bottom of insidious global conspiracies. We started this last week but we had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole would go. This time around we spend a good chunk of time hearing out Son of Liberty, Jon Schaffer’s ramblings about a conspiracy to create the Federal Reserve from a shadowy meeting at Jeckyll Island. Ol’ Jonny’s got some wild ideas about what constitutes slavery in a country that literally practiced slavery. BUT ALSO, we’re getting learned about Remote Viewing, thanks to Cephalic Carnage which was entirely new to us. The HAARP Machine go off on a conspiracy regarding avian flu in a quaint time before COVID, and bands like Absolom, Exarsis, and Kremlin go off on literally every conspiracy theory there is. Hell of an episode, folks.

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