Today's Conversation

Today's Conversation

Noemi Chavez | Unleashing the Impact of the Church

April 15, 2024

What does it look like when the Church follows God into unknown territory? Hear Noemi Chavez, a pastor and the co-founder of Brave Global, share what happened when her church committed to serving and empowering at-risk girls, particularly in foster care and on probation.

Hosted by NAE President Walter Kim, this conversation discusses leading and inspiring social change (despite feelings of inadequacy) and developing the next generation of leaders.

You'll also hear Noemi share:

-Why bravery is essential for healing and for meaningful witness;

-How a faithful Christian presence opens doors for gospel transformation;

-What it looks like to release control and empower young leaders; and

-Why we must have a heart posture focused more on walking with Jesus than on outcomes.

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