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Firearms for Noobs with Jay Bennett
April 28, 2020

Jay Bennett is a firearms instructor for Glock, former private protection, Marine, and BJJ Brown Belt. Needless to say, he knows his firearms. Jay walks me and Mike through some of the basics of purchasing, handling and owning a gun. But we also got...

Sexual assault awareness month with Maraya Miller
April 20, 2020

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month and we had the HONOR to talk with Maraya Miller on her own experiences with SA. Maraya shares with us her story, her struggles with PTSD and depression, what others can do, her healing mental...

Prepping for survival with Reggie Orr
April 15, 2020

In this episode, Mike and I talk with Reggie Orr on prepping for survival. Reggie is a former pro-MMA fighter, Ultimate Fighter get, BJJ black belt, former EMT/paramedic, currently a firefighter and survival prepper. We discuss what you need to do to...

Mike and Josiah stuck in quarantine
April 06, 2020

Its been a while! We wanted to get back on and talk about everything thats going on with COVID-19, our lives, thoughts we've had during this time and just to bring you some joy. We'll be back for another Q&A episode next! 

Ketamine Clinics of LA - Treating Depression with Ketamine
February 17, 2020

In this episode, we talk about Ketamine, not the party kind but for treating depression. Dr. Steven and Sam Mandel are with Ketamine clinics of Los Angeles, they shared with us all the details on this amazing therapy. We got to ask them about the...

Q and A Episode
December 16, 2019

So we asked our listeners to ask us questions, and you all delivered! We couldn't answer them all so we handpicked the best! This episode is funny, insightful and brought up some great discussion. Enjoy

Sober November wrap up episode
December 02, 2019

So on this episode we reveal the winners and the losers of our crazy month of running. It was challenging but we got a lot out of this month, newfound determination and appreciation. list to how the month went and a few other miscellaneous...

Matt Baker BJJ Philosophy
November 11, 2019

On this episode we talk with Matt Baker, he's a bjj champion, one of a kind instructor and a great friend! We talk about the changing of bjj culture, sport vs self-defense bjj, Trujitsu philosophy and giving away belts....

Sober November - We're drunk already
October 28, 2019

This is not a deep philosophical debate episode, this is nothing but nonsense and weirdness. We're doing a sober November challenge, on this episode we discuss the rules and what the loser has to do. The rest of this is just jibberish, enjoy! 

Free Speech Kind of.
October 14, 2019

On this episode we talk about free speech, kind of. There are so many issues on this topic, happenings all over the world, net-neutrality, social media, the first amendment, comedy, employment laws, legislation, transgender laws and rights,...