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I’ve Been Working On The Whale-Road, Pt. 1
May 06, 2018

Welcome back, dear ones! - In the premiere of Chapter 4, our party must reap what they have sown aboard the Otto Olafsson's merchant vessel. (Hint: It's pirates.) Meanwhile, the High Council of the White Forest has some questions for Ry'y lo-Th'yyt.

2018 Scheduling Announcement
April 08, 2018

Some scheduling announcements for our upcoming episodes. - Book 2 Chapter 4 premieres on May 6, 2018. We'll see you then!

December 19, 2017

Today's bonus content is the cleaned up audio from our last end-of-chapter livestream (along with the Chapter 3 blooper reel). You can watch the video of this conversation here. - Podcast Shout-Out's this episode: Greg: Til Death Do Us Blart,

Bridges, Pt. 4
November 19, 2017

While Nia has a brief run-in with her past, Billy procures passage for the Party. But their new accommodations leave much to be desired for our heroes' purposes. Meanwhile, Traft's abductor reveals some explosive secrets about the recent past of Iorden...

Bridges, Pt. 3
November 05, 2017

With the Knights of the Wood hot on their trail, our newly reunited heroes must think quickly to make good their escape from Freehold. Meanwhile, Ardel Redmoor is finally forced to confront the responsibilities of the title he now claims.

Bridges, Pt. 2
October 22, 2017

Strange and unnatural circumstances abound at Redmoor-occupied Castle Guernatal. The downtrodden General Traft finds shelter from a storm. But what manner of shelter is it? The prodigal Elf, and Knight, and Lady,

Bridges, Pt. 1
October 08, 2017

An inebriated and ill-prepared Yllowyyn finds himself with two lives in his hands. No matter what he does, his decision is likely to echo loudly and far. - The script for this episode can be downloaded here. -

Audio Bonus Content #18 - Zach Valenti on Listening to Audience Feedback
August 20, 2017

Today's bonus content is an interview with the one and only Zach Valenti, star and co-producer of Wolf 359 (among many other things), who took on a cameo role as Merril in our last few episodes. - This conversation was originally broadcast in May as p...

August 07, 2017

This episode is the audio from our latest #AskTOAFN, which we did as livestream. It's been cleaned up a little and lightly edited. And you can always watch the original, unedited and with the video right here. -

Audio Bonus Content #16 - Tal M. Klein on Tropes and the Future
July 30, 2017

Today's bonus content is an interview with Tal M. Klein. His sci-fi novel THE PUNCH ESCROW - the film rights to which have already been purchased by Lionsgate -is available now, and he's touring indie book stores to promote it. -