To The Bottom Podcast

To The Bottom Podcast

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Episode 6 - Uncle Ron's Castle
July 06, 2020

The boys are back, barely able to form sentences after a long day of partying on the Fourth. They decide to slam some very special BROmosas and catch up with their favorite Tik Tok-er, Uncle Ron, who shares some great wisdom and insight with them. Chris t

Episode 5 - Cinco de DRINKO
June 11, 2020

The boys are back with another episode of TTB, this time with a potion bottle filled with alcohol supplied by two of their favorite listeners. Chris is an ant murderer and Andy tells us about his tragic smoker accident. They discuss their plans to open th

Episode Four - Memorial Memories
May 27, 2020

Andy and Chris discuss the recent shenanigans that ensued this Memorial Day weekend. They talk about behavior that they categorize as "ratchet" and Chris tells a story about how sinks can be used for more than just washing your hands. They discuss some of

Episode Three
May 17, 2020

Chris and Andy discuss their recent battles with depression during the pandemic, and how they are coping. They discuss some of their stranger experiences. They slam some margs in honor of the great weather and discuss some of their favorite celebrities to

Episode TWO - What motivates you?
April 26, 2020

Chris surprises Andy on his birthday weekend for a SPECIAL COME BACK EPISODE. In this episode, Chris and Andy discuss what motivates them in life. Chris throws down some bars to kick start his hip-hop career. Andy tries to find Chris a girl like Razma but

Episode ONE
March 26, 2020

Welcome to #TTB. Chis and Andy take you on a journey down memory lane as we reminisce on our experiences drinking together. In the first episode, we slam an all time favorite (VIVA LAS VEGAS) and sip on some bourbon. We talk about some of our drunken expe