Time and Space: A Doctor Who Podcast

Time and Space: A Doctor Who Podcast

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The Temp Companion
February 24, 2021

Series Four - The Tennant Era First Time Who Watcher Charlynn Schmiedt once again joins to talk about her new experiences watching "old" Who. This time it's series four - which can be defined in a fe

Bring on the Scarf
December 16, 2020

Series 12 - The Baker Era Begins Jessica and Phillip return to their classic Who watch as they welcome a new Doctor, a new companion, and some new faces behind-the-scenes. The Fourth Doctor begins his era in a series featuring previous enemies like...

Please Don't Kill Them, Chris
December 02, 2020

Companion Good-byes: Graham and Ryan It's almost time for the annual Doctor Who special! This New Year's Day will bring "Revolution of the Daleks," an adventure featuring the return of Captain Jack, the Doctor escaping prison, and a farewell for the...

Martha, Martha, Martha
November 18, 2020

Series Three WalkThrough New Whovian, Char, joins once again to discuss her first time watching of a "Doctor Who" series. This time, she talks about her viewing of David Tennant's second season as the Doctor - introducing new companion Martha Jones,...

Another Animated Goodbye
November 04, 2020

"Fury from the Deep" Animated Review Second Doctor fans continue to enjoy the new release of animated "lost" episodes of the Troughton era. Jessica and Phillip are joined by Richard of "Clever Dick Films" as they dive into the restored series five...

Add Your Own Breadcrumbs
October 14, 2020

Series 11 (Classic) Wrap-up Jessica and Phillip finished their initial watch of the Third Doctor era, and now look back at the series that closed this chapter, introduced Sarah Jane Smith as a companion, and provided some memorable moments. From...

The Doc, The Legs, and The Joy
September 23, 2020

Companion Potpourri - Martha, Amy, and Bill They enter our lives, make us laugh and cry, and then leave by either death, marriage, or ... magic? It's the Doctor's companions - and we are examining Martha Jones, Amelia Pond, and Bill Potts. How did...

Love, Friend, and Clara
September 02, 2020

Companion Potpourri - Rose, Donna, and Clara BIllie Piper, Catherine Tate, and Jenna Coleman recently appeared on a "virtual" Doctor Who con panel -- which leads to this discussion about their respective companion characters. Jessica and Phillip look...

Questions From a Hat
August 19, 2020

Fandom Questions Jessica and Phillip take their chances and sit down to answer random questions about their Doctor Who fandom. Which Doctor would they like to travel with? Which companions would work best with the Eighth Doctor? Which episode do they...

A Tale as Young as Time
August 05, 2020

Children's Books The storytelling of "Doctor Who" takes many forms, from the television series to Target novelizations to Big Finish audio adventures. There's one avenue that's directly targeted at the youngest demographic - children's books. Jessica...