Time and Space: A Doctor Who Podcast

Time and Space: A Doctor Who Podcast

Lucky Series 13

August 25, 2021

Series 13 Recap

Jessica and Phillip continue their "classic Who" watch with Series 13, starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen as the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. This completes their second season with the Fourth Doctor - they talk about the differences between Pertwee and Baker, how Sarah Jane holds up as the "sole" companion of the series, and what the best stories were. They look at "Terror of the Zygons," "Planet of Evil," "Pyramids of Mars," "The Android Invasion," "The Brain of Morbius," and the globe-trotting "The Seeds of Doom." Which story is your favorite?

In their look into the TARDIS library, the couple speculates on what the new Series 13 will bring with the final journey of the Thirteenth Doctor and the departure of showrunner Chris Chibnall at the end of the run. What are you looking forward to in the remaining time of the Whittaker Era?