Tibet Talks

Tibet Talks

The Rivers of Tibet

September 28, 2023

Tibet’s rivers are beautiful, but they’re also life-sustaining. And not just for people in Tibet, but for nearly 2 billion people across Asia who depend on the rivers’ flow. But China’s large-scale water diversion projects and hydropower development are having a dangerous effect on these rivers, imperiling downstream countries, furthering China’s agenda of regional control and threatening the Tibetan way of life.

Last month, ICT was proud to co-sponsor a panel on Himalayan water security convened by the US State Department in partnership with the International Water Management Institute. This month, ICT’s Government Relations Director Franz Matzner caught up with two of the panelists: Tsechu Dolma, founder of the Mountain Resiliency Project, and Lobsang Yangtso, senior researcher at the International Tibet Network. In this conversation, the two Tibetan experts in exile discuss Tibet’s rivers, water security in the region and the need for urgent international action.

Read what happened at the Himalayan water security panel: https://savetibet.org/state-department-panel-highlights-water-security-in-tibet-himalayas/

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