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Ep023 Reaching Guadalajara, Part 1
June 01, 2020

In this episode of Grace and Peace Radio, Anthony sits down for Part 1 of an interview with Omar, a Christian serving in ministry to reach the people of Guadalajara, Mexico. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Web:

Ep022 Bonus Episode: Words of Encouragement
May 29, 2020

I've heard from a lot of people this week who sounded like they were weary from the turmoil in the world. That's certainly understandable. I thought I would try to do my part to point us to light, life, and hope and put up a bonus episode of Grace and ...

Ep021 The Cup of Coffee Episode
May 25, 2020

In this episode Anthony sits down to have a cup of Founding Fathers coffee in his new Grace and Peace Radio mug for a chat. Topics include Anthony telling about how his Coronavirus self-haircut didn't go so great the second time around,

Ep020 Pastor Simon Peter Kembo
May 18, 2020

Anthony takes a minute to celebrate reaching the 20 episode milestone and look back on the last 5 months of Grace and Peace Radio. Save the Date! May 30th is the Snatch Them From the Flames biblical discernment conference with Andrew Rappaport and Jus...

Ep019 Helps for Dealing with Coronavirus Restrictions Fatigue
May 11, 2020

Anthony takes a break from a deep dive into a particular topic in this multi-segment episode of Grace and Peace Radio. Segment 1: Save the Date! May 30th is the Snatch Them From the Flames biblical discernment conference with Andrew Rappaport and Just...

Ep018 Disagreeing in Love
May 04, 2020

As I record this, the world seems to be on the other side of all the projected curves of the COVID19 coronavirus. Statistically, it wasn’t nearly as a bad as was first thought, thank the Lord. In my state, South Carolina,

Ep017 Faith that Works
April 27, 2020

The Bible speaks of several kinds of faith. The two most commonly talked about are believing faith to be saved and justified before God, through believing in Jesus as Lord and his atoning sacrifice for our sins on the cross.

Ep016 Remember God’s Providence
April 21, 2020

Continuing the series we began in Episode 11, where we're looking to encourage ourselves in the Scriptures in the strange and unusual times we're finding ourselves in, in this episode we'll consider the topic of God's Providence.

Ep015 Persistence in Uncertain Times
April 14, 2020

How can a Christian have persistence and perseverance in these uncertain times? What does it even mean to say Christians persevere and persist? What exactly are we persevering and persisting through? And how are we to persist?

Ep014 Godly Patience in Uncertain Times
April 06, 2020

In these uncertain times, it's easy to lose patience. But God doesn't give us a pass on our impatience. In this episode we'll talk about patience, its opposite, and how we can remain patient even in these uncertain times.