Thrive Y'all

Thrive Y'all

Thrive Y’all | Randy Redner | Creating Family Foundations | Ep 55

December 20, 2021

Since 1985, the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia has worked to improve the world through the power of philanthropy. And now, with CEO Randy Redner and his team at the wheel, the organization is determined to address the charitable needs of individuals, families, and nonprofits across Metro Atlanta.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:
  • The definition of a community foundation
  • How community foundations bridge the gap between nonprofits and families
  • How CFNEG raises $1 million per month to support 250 families
  • Why one major contribution created a massive impact for Northeast Georgia communities
  • The unique 5 step program to building a better community
  • The current disparity in available housing
  • The 2021 Nonprofit Wish Book

Resources Mentioned

Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia

2021 Nonprofit Wish Book

Gwinnett Coalition

Contact Information

Randy Redner | 404-273-1292 |